Product Information

About Prints

Our giclee prints are made on thick, matte fine-art-quality paper. They are lightly textured but have no gloss.

About Editions

Our photos may be available in limited editions, open editions, or potentially both at the same or different times. Limited editions are made available in a limited quantity - once the edition has been sold through, the sizes made available will not be reprinted. Our limited editions vary in number and include all sizes and border options available, meaning, a limited edition of 75 prints will be spread across all available sizes and border options. Open editions are available in unlimited quantity (or until made unavailable) and typically at smaller sizes; larger sizes may be made available after limited editions have run through. Open editions are signed, while limited editions are signed and numbered.

About Borders

Most prints can be selected with border or without. Prints with a border will have a white border of either 1.5", 2" or 3" around the photograph, based on size; see the below table for more information. Borderless prints are printed full-bleed and the photograph will be the same sizes as the print size selected. Prints with a border will be signed on the border; prints without a border will be signed on back.

Border Print Sizes

Print Size Border Size Image Size
8x12" 1.5" 5x9"
12x18" 2 8x14"
16x20" 3 10x16"
18x24" 3" 12x18"
20x30" 3" 16x24"
30x40" 3" 26x36"


Prints will include a signed card validating authenticity. Limited edition prints will also include edition information.


Prints are not available framed when purchased online. Local orders may discuss framing options before pickup by contacting


Prints are shipped in heavy-duty tubes or heavy-duty flat packs depending on print size. Shipping may be done by various carriers, though all shipping provides insurance for your print. Please allow a week to ten days for handling of your order before shipping. Local orders may be arranged for pickup by contacting


Only prints damaged in shipping or handling may be returned and replaced. Please contact to discuss a returned item.